because Solutions

SINCE 1991

The because Group provides multilingual technical communication services & turn-key solutions to machinery and devices manufacturers exporting worldwide.

A team of international experts in tools and processes for technical documentation help your company to deliver technical documentation to the user of your products according to the latest standard of Industry 4.0.


Technical Writing | Terminology Management | Structured Documentation | Technical Translations


Our technical writers integrate your engineering department to publish a high-quality technical documentation of your products in full compliance with the applicable international standards such the Machinery Directive in the European Union and the CSA/UL norms in North America.


Your technical documentation – like data sheets, user manuals, catalogues – plays a role in assessing your brand image internationally. Our terminology experts assist your sales, engineering and service departments to achieve a consistent communication with your customer and partners worldwide.


The latest standard of Industry 4.0 requires a smart documentation, accessible on demand to all users in their own languages at all time. Our CCMS specialist help you implement the right tools and set the optimised process to achieve modularization and single source publishing.


While exporting your products in new markets worldwide, you are facing the challenge of internationalization. Our team of specialised translators, assisted by engineers and international legislation experts, guarantee an efficient and compliant technical communication in all countries.


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